Pigeon Slim Neck Plastic Bottle Clear Cap 200 ml

SKU: 016-PA26009BL

2.050 KWD
  • Baby’s Facial Development
    • This feeding bottle assist in the development of the baby’s jaw and facial muscles by allowing a smooth tongue movement.
  • Air Ventilation System
    • Pigeon feeding bottle for babies have a unique air ventilation system that ensures smooth gliding of milk into the baby’s mouth and minimizes the air intake.
  • Easy Handling
    • Easier to hold and handle because of its streamlined shape.
  • Stretchable Nipple
    • Perfect bottle nipple with elastic and stretchable characteristics allowing the baby to move his tongue in a natural motion.
  • Perfectly Shaped
    • The baby bottle nipple is shaped in a way to perfectly fit onto the baby’s lips providing a smooth feed.
  • Adjustable Milk Flow
    • The flow of milk can be adjusted according to the baby’s needs.

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