Yookidoo - Jet Duck - Create a Pirate

SKU: 7290107721707

9.400 KWD 11.750 KWD
  • Yookidoo's Jet Duck Pirate is a one-of-a-kind and innovative bathtub toy that will keep your child entertained every time they take a bath. It's a great toy that is perfect for a wide range of children, aged 2-6 years old.
  • The bath toy comes with 15 Pirate themed accessories that are easily plugged in to create a new pirate character to play with every time.
  • The Jet Duck is complete with a battery-powered fire hydrant that swivels and fires water all around for a fun and engaging bathtime interaction. The swivel on the fire hydrant allows your child to direct just where they want the duck to swim or remove the duck's feet to alter the swim pattern! When playtime is over there is an easy on/off button.
  • The bathtub set comes with a scoop container that has drain holes incorporated to facilitate easy attaching to any tub as well as providing convenient sanitary and mold-free storage

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