Clippasafe Adjustable Multi-Purpose Latch - Premium + Range

SKU: 5015876023836

1.300 KWD

As children get older, they develop by exploring their surroundings, but that inevitably means nowhere in the home is safe from adventurous little hands. Cupboards, drawers, fridges, freezers, and cabinets are all prime targets, upping the concern level for parents as they are often the places where dangerous items like knives, cleaning products, and breakable objects are stored.

  • This surface-mounted latch can be used to keep all of those locations secure and your children well out of harm's way.
  • Adjustable length connecting strap.
  • Its flexible design means it can be easily fitted to all furniture, especially those pieces with curved or irregular surfaces and corners.
  • Suitable for use on cupboards, drawers, fridges, freezers, cabinets, and chests.
  • Flexible and versatile, can be fitted to a multitude of surfaces.

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